After a long work day
lying on the couch
not thinking about anything

When we are young
the world is filled with possibilities

If you give a dreamer the tools to build
and a stiff kick in the ass
the world will never be the same!

Things don’t change because they can
they transform because they must
Most people don’t want to swallow the ingredients of progress

Dreamers enjoy nostalgia of a time that no longer exists
The past is painted with a gold brush
It wasn’t that great to begin with

Reflecting on my Social Justice class
They’re all communists
and I challenged their ideas
They think we can change words
and give them our own meaning
“Violence can mean Love,” they say.

At the end of the quarter
We wrote down one word to describe our experience
“Violent!” I replied.

Now I am left with the remainder of my summer
Empty days that are too beautiful to describe
Who would have thought that Nothingness could be so beautiful

When lying on a couch after a stressful work day
The patterns I see in the paint strike my interest
And I wonder how many small things I have overlooked
because I never stopped to slow down

The microscope reveals things about ourselves
we don’t want to see

and Distractions abound

Who we want to get close to
are usually the wrong people
We follow the crowd
from one movement to the next

I am at home now
on a Sunday
I didn’t go to church
for the third week in a row
The pastor has nothing to say
and I have nothing to do

These are the best days
where I pop in my earbuds
turn up the classical music
and ride my bicycle into 

The endless road
the asphalt trail 
the dust
and my heart beating
to the emotion
of Moonlight Sonata
as I become a dot
in the hot distance. 

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