It is the rare person that you meet that is genuinely powerful. These types of individuals are self-directed, disciplined, and they live by their own law. Living by principles and taking personal responsibility is rare.

Charisma is generated through thought discipline, emotional channeling, and direct action.

We largely know who we are based on our interactions with others. If we do something out of character, others will let us know. Our peer group reinforces our behavior.  

Rituals to Increase Personal Power

Ritual 1: If you genuinely want to change, change your peer group.

Ritual 2: Develop Competence

Ritual 3: Refine your Character through Reflection

Ritual 4: Give Back

Ritual 5: Understand that you are not you. You are an actor who is performing. Do not give a bad performance.

You must ask yourself how you are letting social pressure mold your behavior. Do you want to become the best partier or the friend with the funniest jokes?

Or are you going to place your focus somewhere else? We have a limited amount of concentration and energy. We cannot be the best at everything.

We must begin to assert ourselves in a direction that is personally meaningful. This leads to self-realization and transcendence.

Robert Greene recently finished The Laws of Human Nature. At the end of his project he had a stroke. When asked if writing the book was worth a cost to his health, he declared that he had no regrets.

We are all searching for something bigger in 2019. I suggest that we all work to increase our personal power. This state of mind allows us to transcend our circumstances and it sets our mind on bigger things.

Remember that all battles are lost and won in the mind.

Happy New Year!

-Intellectual Shaman

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