The doctor shook their hands and launched into an explanation. “We feel it would be unwise to rely too heavily on the effects of the Wolfsbane Potion. There is still a chance it won’t be effective. Many times, blue orchids, flies, wolf spiders, and Monkshood have varying effects on the breed of werewolf injected. If the monster is more wolf than man, the potion may energize its lust for killing. If the beast has only recently become a werewolf, the Wolfsbane can keep its wolfish transformation at bay. We don’t want to take any chances with our adversary.”

“If we fail, it’s imperative to signal the town. A fire beacon must be lit,” advised Thomas.

“Who should be put in charge of manning the watchtower?” asked Mr. Jorkins.

“I can think of no more a reliable candidate than Wiliver. He isn’t that smart, but he will stay alert and keep a cool head in times of crisis,” suggested Teddy.

“Then it’s agreed, we will depend on the barman to signal the town. We must ensure that Madam Bane has safe passage. She will force the werewolf to reveal itself if it’s hiding amongst our citizens. Let’s talk about supplies. You proposed we use multiple crossbows with explosive bolts to frighten the beast? We agree that capturing it in a drug induced state would be optimal. How could we transport it if we were able to drug the monster?” asked Thomas.

“I have it!” cried Teddy. “If we plan to contain the werewolf, it would make sense to do it away from town. I propose we have the village masons construct a prison around the shape shifter. Because werewolves have supernatural strength, it’ll be important to administer regular doses of Wolfsbane while it’s confined.”

“Why don’t we focus all our efforts on killing the monster, rather than keeping it alive?” asked Mr. Jorkins.

“I thought you were aware of the werewolf legend?” inquired Teddy.

“I’m aware of the tale, but I don’t understand what bedtime stories have to do with killing.”

“It has everything to do with it. We’re dealing with a rogue werewolf that was recently human. If we’re lucky, it’ll permanently change back into its original form when injected with Wolfsbane. If we kill it, the lord of the werewolves will know. He’s tied in spirit to those he’s infected.”

 “Not to change the subject, but I have more than just plans prepared,” replied Dr. Thurston. “Here is the tip of the spear in my hand.”

“Don’t you think we should have a larger dose than that,” inquired Alex Jorkins? “What is not readily known about the Wolfsbane Potion is that its effectiveness is not dependent on the size of the dose, but its match to the age of the werewolf. A longer living brute will require a larger dose.” Dr. Thurston motioned they should collect their supplies. “I see that you brought us a sizable lath. You do intend on having a large crossbow. It will be important to maximize full penetration. For an effective dose of Wolfsbane to be administered, the needle must penetrate the heart. That’s why I’ve gone to great lengths to find a needle long enough. The former bartender and chief magistrate, Alan Peppington had one left over from his medical procedures after falling into the ravine ten year ago. It’ll function nicely as a spear. The bolt will need to be heavy at the tip to ensure maximum force.”

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