Teddy and Thomas walked up the hill into town. When they reached Mr. Jorkin’s hardware store there wasn’t a villager in sight. They made their way to the back of the drab shack that looked more like a vacant storage facility than a thriving business. Before reaching the back room, there was a tremendous explosion.


Half of the east wall caved in and dirt in the air created a blinding cloud.

“What just happened!” shouted Teddy. After the explosion, audible laughter broke out on the other side.

A voice belonging to Mr. Jorkins discussed the chemical composition of the explosive with Doctor Thurston. “I think we may need more saltpeter and less charcoal in the next test.”

 Doctor Thurston agreed with Mr. Jorkins and added, “A fifteen second paper wick will make an excellent fuse for the detonation to secondary firing bolts. The werewolf won’t know what hit him.”

Both men continued to laugh as Teddy and Thomas walked through the door. They quickly realized they stood down range. Most of the target and half of the wall was blown away. A stuffed animal remained with smoldering fur. Before the Doctor or Mr. Jorkins noticed the other half of their hunting party, another bolt was lit and launched. Teddy and Thomas barely had time to duck before the stuffed animal was destroyed with deafening noise.


“That was the right dose of saltpeter,” laughed Mr. Jorkins as he shook the Doctor’s hand. “Wait, we didn’t see you guys there a second ago.” White smoke filled the back room.

 “Have you two fools been experimenting with explosives all morning?” Asked Teddy.

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