The World had Class

With US Loyalists
typing on manual typewriters
smoking cheap cigars
unable to get Cubans

The atomic threat
radioactive bugs
growing to enormous size

Our problems today
are smaller
and twice as deadly

People worry about losing their life
in an instant
But what about the slow grind
Lines and more lines
or taking satisfaction
in a job without victories
just the same tired business
day after day

We have lost touch with ourselves
each other

Now everything must be electric

Don’t the lawmakers know
that driving something dangerous
gives a man
before his death

He might cause his end
but his life is his to lose

A Man’s word used to be enough
but now we get suspicious
We feel each other out
in the dark
There is a void between us
and no trust

We need contracts, lawyers, and proceedings
to do business
Even then
we feel used

We acquire things
growing our burden

Men want
and responsibility

But they compound our misery

They make us happy
But happiness will take you to the top of the rainbow
and back down again

When you have things
you hold onto them
without thinking

People want what you’ve got
Most have terrible taste
like the connoisseur on the classical music station
He’s taking a trip on a pleasure cruise down the Danube
with anyone who has enough money
and tolerance for his BS

I’ve spent time with snobs
there is always a bigger one

The most valuable lesson
I’ve learned in life
is to love

I’ve spent time alone
and had the good fortune
of making a loyal friend

A friend who enjoys socializing
with important people
and I’ve spent time with them

In their company
I’ve learned how much I enjoy my own
I always suspected this
but part of me believed I was not good enough
until I witnessed the sneers, put-downs, and cold shoulders

I don’t mind these types
I write about them

We need to spend time with other people
venturing out
into crowds
enamored with self-love

But killing time with them
is like killing yourself

So many things
steal from you slowly
like paying rent
and never owning a house
or loving a woman
and never getting love back

We need to embrace the problems
cold-hearted aggressions
and love
this thing
that has become


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