The Giggle Machine

I put in a dime or two
to get her joy
her laughter
and her sweet companionship

I don’t care about the rules
I don’t care what we can be
or can’t be
All I want is to spend
one more day with her

I love how she waddles
when she runs

I love how hard she tries
to keep the commandments
follow the rules
and maintain her purity

She is getting older
and she has questions about her life

I love it when she confides in me
trusts me
Makes me feel like a man

Of course I’m an idiot
I say the wrong thing
I try to make it better
but I make it worse

I wish I could tell her
how much I love her
It slips out from time to time
“I care about you Jessica”

I love to tease her
I want her to be happy
I want to make her happy

She has style
and dresses well

I like her thick framed glasses
and curly blonde hair

I love it when she says my name
She sings it to me
with love

I’m afraid to pursue her
What if she runs away?

I enjoy my friend
But I want more of her
I can never get enough

I’ve lost interest in other women
I think of Jessica all the time
It’s crazy, I know

My friend tells me
“There are so many other women out there”
I don’t care

There are fierce women
Sexy women
Women that give me looks

But Jessica is cute
and when she looks at me
I know that she cares for me too

Jessica wants me to find someone to love
She wants me to get married
and have a family

I want the same for her
I want her
But religion gets in the way

I feel like shaking my fist at God
or strangling the man who invented religion
Joseph Smith and the rest
have been wrecking romance
for hundreds of years

I’m just as bad
I have some integrity
I won’t compromise my beliefs or non-beliefs

We would be better off


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