An Agent of Chaos


at bible study last night

it was just me and the Russian girl

in the beginning


“How is work going?” She asked.

“I just love it!” I said

From her reaction

she wasn’t expecting that



people love to complain about their jobs

But if you hate to complain

All hell will break loose!


“Sure, of course you love your job!” she said.

You sit in your office all day

thinking up impossible strategies

for teachers to implement!”


The Russian girl teaches Kindergarten

I can see she feels agitated

And I just want to have a good




“Well, I’m not complaining,” I said.

“It is a pretty easy job. I work half the time.”

The Russian girl smirks,

“I want our psychologist to take my job and teach.

No psychologist could be a teacher,” she said triumphantly.


Now I’m sensing her anxiety

And I attempt to build rapport

like a bridge over dangerous waters


“The whole education system is broken!” I said

“Yes!” she agreed

“We just went through contract negotiations

And they gave us more time, instead of money

Can you believe that!”


“That sounds about right,” I said.

“but it doesn’t bother you?” she asked.

“I work in education because the system is broken,” I said

“You want to fix it!” she cried enthusiastically.

Her eyes were glowing



“No, I just enjoy chaos!

Parents are angry

teachers are frustrated

And the children are in the parking lot

throwing rocks at cars

That’s why I drive my pickup

20 years old and rear-ended twice

And I hope they have good aim!

I might be able to collect on the insurance money.”


The Russian girl looks at me in disbelief

reaching for her cell phone

out of desperation

“Where is everybody?” she demanded

There was supposed to be five people here this evening

instead of just



Ring, Ring, Ring

Someone at the door

And I thank God

for saving me


a good



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